March 25, 2019

Attendees: Dale Grinnell, Coral Grinnell, Barbara Eagle, Pat Cantanucci, Carrie Marie Vaughn, Joan Degener, Maureen Barber, Terry Barber and Carolyn Ouderkirk.

Opening: Vice President Dale opened the meeting at 6:00 p.m.

Treasurer’s Report: Maureen reported that we have $3,849.33 in our treasury (minus the $2,020.00 in grant funds).

Secretary’s Report: Carolyn reported that Terry had made a correction in the previous minutes as follows: “A correction for the Grants section of 2/25/19 FAHS meeting notes: The Pomeroy Foundation signage grants for our Region 5 have to be written in the months of August and/or September, and the deadline for application is very early in October of 2019. Apologies if anyone was misled by my email, as I believed that we could apply at anytime.”

Work Day: The March 19 work day was canceled due to other commitments. It was agreed that we will select another date at the next meeting.

Thank You: Thanks to Barbara for doing the shadow boxes. She is also working on the Native American shadow box.


C.R. Wood – Maureen will be completing this grant on-line by the due date of April 1. Maureen and Arlene had previously spoken about the reason for using the grant for a concrete floor in the basement. Arlene suggested that it is related to the health care requisite since the basement is damp and there is, no doubt, mold.

Joan suggested adding that many groups use the library including the library committee, pre-school children, crafters and book club members, as well as Washington County pop-up lunchers.

Barbara Terry advised that there are approximately 15 wheelbarrow loads of debris in the basement. Carrie Marie took some photos of the site tonight and has sent them to Terry who will be sending them to the town’s code enforcement officer. Maureen presented an estimate from Ken Steele for labor to clean out the cellar ($1,875.00) and labor and material to pour the concrete floor ($3,080.00), for a total of $4,955.00. This issue will be brought up at the town board meeting in two weeks. Joan asked if the town would take the project over if we are not successful in obtaining the grant. Perhaps it would need to go on next year’s budget.

Supervisor Moore is following up with Mark Miller, the Washington County Code Enforcement officer, on permits, and whether or not an engineer is needed, etc.

Pomeroy Foundation Signage – Terry has volunteered to write this grant for canal signs.

As an aside, Terry mentioned that he still has the faded canal sign in his garage. He needs pictures and some content for the sign to be redone by G.A. West.

Interviews: Maureen sent out 21 letters and has hardly heard from anyone. She did get a yes from Barb Winchell and one from Mary Ellen Grippen. She is amazed that people do not have the courtesy to respond one way or the other. Joan remembered how difficult it was when she organized the interviews. She suggested asking Janee Prevost to get involved and ask her seniors if they can find a friend or grandparent to interview. Maureen stated that there are family members on her original list who have grandchildren, yet they have not responded.

Website: Carrie Marie announced that her boss will host our soon-to-be website for free! We will have to pay perhaps $10.00 a year for a domain name. Carrie Marie suggested some names and we chose We can also have a corresponding Facebook page. We can also sell our hats, mugs, pins and our book. Carrie Marie also imagined a youtube channel for the senior interviews.

She asked us to select a theme for the site, which is the overall look and the layout. We selected the as a prototype for our site. It is a simple, clean theme and it also has a slide show.

Barbara suggested a picture of the library with a picture of the book in either the foreground or background. Dale wanted to make sure that we include genealogy on the site.

Terry asked if it is easy to change the website and Carrie Marie assured us that it is. Terry also asked if donations are tax-deductible under our 501(c)(3). Where is Tony V. when we need him???

Carrie Marie needs content from us. We can email her our suggestions at Barbara actually gave her two paragraphs for the “About” page. Terry and Maureen will send Carrie Marie the video Patrick made of the parade from two years ago.

Research: Dale suggested picking a subject that interests you and doing a report on it. He advised that the Washington County Gazettes are a good place to start, as well as the Hill Collection at SUNY Adirondack. Coral advises a coat (and mittens and a hat, just kidding!) for visiting the Hill Collection!

Dale mentioned that the Lavenlair Farm folks have some misinformation on their website about a church on the site of the old schoolhouse.

Carrie said that she had met the Greenwich historian recently and learned that there are several resources available through her, including newspapers that have been scanned. Carrie Marie also mentioned a link for newspapers:

Don’t forget that Loretta Bates, the acting Washington County historian, is a great resource. She works Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 9 to 4. Dale also said that there is an archivist in the office below Loretta’s office.

Podcast: Carrie Marie is continuing to do research.

Battle Hill Reenactment/Parade: Tony Cantanucci sent an email to our members about the parade to be held on July 6, 2019. Christine clarified that Grumbellie’s is doing the parade. She is “just” getting the reenactors and Legion together to march and do something in town after the parade. She advised that the parade will step off at 9 a.m. from the school. There will be various reenactors in the park, doing demonstrations and first person accounts.

Brains & Brawn: Maureen and Terry and Carrie Marie attended this event recently. Maureen said that one of the local history questions asked was about the Battle of Fort Anne, which occurred in July, 1777. This battle was a turning point and delayed the British on their way south. The answer was the Battle of Saratoga, but no one on either team knew it.

Job Opportunity: Carolyn reported that she is burned out from her secretarial jobs and is taking the next five months off. No one jumped up and offered to take over so she is putting it out there to anyone who can help. Terry was “sure” that one of you out there would raise your hand. Don’t disappoint him!

Adjournment: Dale ended the meeting at 7:29 p.m.

Next Meeting: April 29, 6 p.m., at the library.

Respectfully submitted,
Carolyn Ouderkirk