• Arlene Green, president

  • Dale Grinnell, vice-president

  • Christine Milligan, treasurer

  • Carolyn Ouderkirk, secretary

All Members

Get to know the Fort Ann Historical Society members! (listed below in alphabetical order by last name)

Sue & Gary Allen

“Both of us are natives of Fort Ann and still resides here.  Gary grew up in Welch Hollow and I was a village girl.  All of our lives we have lived in this GREAT community.  We were one of the Charter Members of the Historical Society.  Both of us helped in creating the 300 Years of Fort Ann History Book.   We also helped in raising money to have the book published,  My husband (Gary) was the original treasurer and I was a trustee for the society.  We love our community and hopefully the younger generation will join this great group in order to keep the history of Fort Ann alive!!!

My parents were Charter Members Ruth & Don Baker.  Dad grew up in Fort Ann, graduated from Fort Ann School, while my mother came from Hudson Falls.  They live here in Fort Ann for 60+ years.  Raised 5 children who all attended & graduated from Fort Ann Central.  Three of them live in Hudson Falls, except Myself and Nancy.  She lives in West Fort Ann with her husband Craig Carpenter who was also a Charter Member.”

Maureen & Terry Barber

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Patrick Barber

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Marty & Nancy Burdick

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Pat & Tony Cantanucci

Long time members of the historical society.

Craig Carpenter

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Joan Degener

“I joined the Fort Ann Historical Society, a few months after it formed, when I found out Welch Hollow might be left out of the Fort Ann: 300 Years of History Book. I grew up on a dairy farm in Welch Hollow, and wanted to share the fun times of living in this beautiful valley.  By supporting and helping each other we were able to publish our history book- this was a huge challenge accomplished!  Our Historical Society wants everyone to appreciate, enjoy, and know about the wonderful historical sights in the Fort Ann area.”

Barbara Eagle

“Born and raised in L.I. in a small fishing port, raised 2 children, and have 2 granddaughters.  I love horses, music and American History.  Retired in Ft. Ann because of its rich history and beautiful countryside.”

Arlene Green

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Dale & Coral Grinnell

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Darlene & Jim Hume

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Christine Milligan

“My mother was born and raised in Fort Ann, I joined the Airforce after graduating. Where I met my husband. When he was getting ready to retire from 20 years of active service we decided to settle in Fort Ann. Couldn’t think of a better place for our children to live . There’s just something about Fort Ann. I joined the Historical society by accident. Lol lol. I was asked to help sort newspapers after the book was published, wont mention any names, Sue Allen, lol, and I’ve been a member ever since.”

Fred Norton

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Carolyn Ouderkirk

“I got involved right at the founding of the historical society after talking with others who were interested in Fort Ann’s history.

We published a book, Fort Ann: 300 Years if History, in 2007 and we’re all still speaking to each other!

These days, we’re meeting monthly to talk about Battle Hill, local cemeteries, and we are preparing to conduct interviews with the Fort Ann seniors and Fort Ann residents.”

George Sherwood

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Carrie Marie Vaughn

“I grew up in Upstate, New York, and continue to live in Upstate, New York with my husband and children.

I got involved in the Fort Ann Historical Society in 2018 because of my interest in local history, as well as wanting to be involved in the community.  Someday I might even start a podcast about the history of this area!

Even though I am not able to attend many meetings, I enjoy being able to help from behind the scenes!”

Tony & Jan Videtto

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